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May 15-18, 2023 – Alexandria- Water 1&2 or 3&4 and Wastewater 1&2 or 3&4 Certification Training Review

32 Hour Water Level 1 & 2 Class Dennis McGehee, Instructor Course Approval #66812 32 Hour Water Level 3 & 4 Class Vern Breland, Instructor Course Approval #66814
LRWA Office - Wayne Fontenot Training Center 1325 3rd Ave Kinder, LA 70648
This training involves knowledge of the very basics required of water and wastewater operations specialists.  It is designed for those just starting out or desiring to get into the water and/or wastewater industry.June 7, 2023 7:30am-8:00am…

Free – $200.00

2023 Annual Conference – Exhibitors

LRWA sold all booth spaces inside the Coliseum. Contact LRWA by email ( to be placed on a waiting list. LRWA reserves the right to refuse a vendor from exhibiting at the LRWA Conference. Booth spaces are limited to three (3) personnel per space.  If additional personnel wish to attend there is an additional fee…

$100.00 – $1,525.00

2023 Annual Conference – Attendee/Classroom Registration

LDH approval is pending for the 4-Hour Managment Class for hours. This is a separate class from the 24-Hour Technical and has a separate registration that must be completed if you wish to attend. *Management Training - As outlined in LAC 48: Part V. 7707-7719 “As a part of meeting the managerial capacity requirements, all…

$15.00 – $575.00

2023 Annual Conference – Day Pass

LRWA Day Pass.  Please read below. Utility System/Municipality Day Pass - for any water/wastewater system personnel that is NOT registered for a class and wishes to attend the conference to view the Exhibit Hall.  A special day pass includes the Exhibit Hall and the 24-Hour Technical Session class for one (1) or (2) days. Option 1…

$15.00 – $200.00

August 8 — Minden — *Management Training — W/WW Approved

The following guidelines will apply for this training: 1. Attendance May Be Limited 2. First Come, First Serve Basis 3. Pre-registration Is Required 4. Social Distancing May Apply 5. If pre-registered and cannot attend, please be considerate of others that may be waiting to get in and call to cancel

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