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Clause of Warning: Full implementation will begin January 1, 2025

 Following all LRWA training classes and upon notification (by email provided upon registration) of certificates having been posted on the LRWA website, an attendee will have 30 calendar days to dispute the number of hours of credit posted.  Following the 30 calendar days, if no dispute has been received from the attendee, no changes can/will be made to the number of credit hours.

 It is suggested that you get into the practice now of going to about a week following any training that you have attended to retrieve your certificate and make sure the hours correspond with the time you believe you were at the session.

This is being enforced by the LDH Operator Certification Office for all trainings in the State of Louisiana.

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Keep up to date with upcoming training events, conferences and more. The LRWA offers monthly training events to help keep you current.

Interested in Presenting at Monthly Training Classes?

LRWA offers monthly training classes free of charge to personnel of water and wastewater utilities across Louisiana.  If you are interested in assisting with these trainings by offering a presentation related to the water and/or wastewater industry, please click the button to the left to let us know.

Online Courses Available 24/7

The LRWA has teamed up with SunCoast Learning Systems to provide its members with always-available online training. Please remember that by clicking the button to the left you will be leaving

Fee Based Training Session Confirmation Letters

Click here to obtain a confirmation letter for attending a fee based training.

Training Session Certificates

Click here to obtain a training certificate issued by the LRWA.

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