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In an effort to reach out to all Louisiana entities in the water/wastewater business and provide them with cyber-security information and training GOHSEP has prepared a slide presentation for your use (see links below for PDF or PowerPoint).  If there are any questions or if you need assistance please contact Mr. Ric Moore, SGM. 

Employee awareness is the first line of defense in network attacks. Any form where the public can input information should be monitored and treated with caution. IcedID (BokBot) is a modular banking Trojan that targets user information (credentials) and is capable of acting as a dropper for other malware.  It exploits vulnerabilities in browser security and can bypass firewall security measures. Through clicking on an infected file, the trojan can be utilized as a front door to malware that can remotely operate the victim’s computer.  This is another reminder of how important it is to read emails and be thorough when clicking on links with unknown files and drives.

As more cyber-attacks are happening all over the globe analysts believe the largest vulnerability in the cycle is human error.  Researchers are working on other types of technology to avoid as much human interaction. This includes facial recognition and biometric authentication.  Having strong passwords is one of the major keys to protect accounts.  Human error is a large part of account intrusion. Even if passwords are changed often, they should follow some basic guidelines. Having a password manager is a great option to keep stealthy passwords.  Also, three random words with a few random numbers and signs can definitely help to keep account security Using names of family members, birthdays, pet’s names, etc. are easier to decode and may leave an account vulnerable.  With a solid set of passwords, the likelihood of intrusion goes down tremendously.

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