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September 04 – Kinder

September 4, 2014 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm CDT

Wayne Fontenot Training Facility/LRWA Office1325 3rd Ave, Kinder, LA
(8 Credit hours have been approved for: Water Production, Treatment & Distribution and Wastewater Treatment & Collection) 7:30 Sign-in/Registration 8:00 Introductions and Workshop Objectives 8:15 What is Your System’s Public Image & Improving Your Public Image, Rusty Reeves, CET- LRWA Deputy Director & EPA Training Specialist 9:15 Session 1: Overview of Key Management Areas – Presentation Presentation of Key Management Areas Group Discussion: Other Important Management Areas for Sustainability  9:45 Session 2: Utility ‘Self Assessment’ Exercise Explain “Sustainable Management Self Assessment” (5 minutes) Participants Conduct Self Assessment (25 minutes) o Rate utility achievements and rank management priorities o Plot results: achievements vs. priorities Table Discussion Among Participants About Results (25 minutes) o Where is your utility strong? Why? o   Where is there the most room for improvement? Why? o   What are your areas of focus?  Why is performance low? Technical capacity? Financial capacity? Managerial capacity? o What are the commonalities and differences among table participants’ achievements, priorities, and challenges?  10:40 Break  10:45 Session 3: Plenary Discussion – Self Assessment Results Tables Report Results of Assessment (30 minutes) Synthesize Results (30 minutes)  11:45 Lunch – JH Wright & Associates – Glenn Cooper  12:30 Session 4: Table Exercise – Improving Outcomes Each table completes an improvement worksheet for one low achievement/high priority management area. Discussion Questions: o What will constitute “high achievement” in this management area? o What changes will the utility need to make to improve performance? o  How could you track your performance progress? o  What will be the biggest challenges to performance improvement?  1:30 Session 5a: Plenary Discussion – Practices, Tools, and Measures: Results Tables Report Findings General Discussion of Findings  2:00 Break 2:15 Session 5b: Plenary Discussion – Practices: Results Synthesis of Table Discussion Results Local Assistance Available in Key Management Areas Presentation of Additional Tips, Tools, and Measurement (prepared before the workshop during the “Prepare Meeting Materials” phase) Reflections: Key Lessons Learned and Near Term Steps Discuss System Management Improvement Plan  3:30 —Decentralized/Onsite Sewer Operational & Maintenance Information –Glenn Cooper, JH Wrights & Associates 4:30 Session 6: Feedback Session Participants Complete Workshop Evaluation Form o Are these the right management areas, and how to improve? o   Is self assessment useful, and how to improve? o   Are tools and tips useful, and how to improve? o   Are measures useful, and how to improve? o Overall rating of format, flow, presenters, etc. Collect Evaluation Forms 5:00 Adjourn All presentations will be conducted by Rusty Reeves, CET- LRWA Deputy Director & EPA Training Specialist unless otherwise noted.Click here to Download Registration FormClick here to Download Agenda


September 4, 2014
8:00 am - 5:00 pm CDT
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