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Letter of Appreciation

January 30, 2019


I would like to take this time to say a big “Thank You” for once again going beyond my expectations with your concern and dedication for the Water and Wastewater Operators and office staff by providing additional training classes in Kinder, LA, in skills that are greatly needed for our every day use, as well as helping us in obtaining our required certification levels.

Mr. Rusty Reeves, Mr. Ken Terry, and Todd Abshire, and other staff members, made the educational classes very enjoyable, and sent us back to our systems with more workable knowledge. Shoot, I must be improving, because Mr. Rusty Reeves, hasn’t given me the “Look” in a while. (You know the one that says, either you should know this or haven’t we discussed this before, or you need to get on this now.)

I also want to give a big shout out to the ladies in the office of LRWA. They are always kind, helpful, courteous and willing to go beyond their duties to help. Many times, as I enter into those class rooms feeling very inadequate, it seems as if they can sense this and always make a special effort to speak, offer their services and in essence gives me confidence to enter into those training classes with the attitude of “I can do this”.

LRWA, has not only been my biggest supporter, but has also given many Operators, whether in Water or Wastewater, the confidence to step beyond what we were taught into the very fast pace growing industry with much-needed tools and support, with trainings, on-site support, water rate studies, required certification classes, a conference that I can’t put a monetary value on for me personally. The Conference provides me updates in the many various laws of compliance, audits, information on the Bills that are on the Senate/House floor that will affect our industries, availability of various vendors offering the best in tools, pipes, supplies, software, and the list goes on. They honor those in the above-mentioned fields by providing the best to our industries.

I also want to give thanks to Mr. Jeremy Joffrion, he is not only an LRWA board member, but also the Operations Manager at our facility and has allowed me the opportunity to work along beside him and his crew in the field. This has brought a greater understanding and appreciation for the Operator, and has allowed me to improve in the office, making the words “we are a team” take on a whole new meaning. (Even, if he fabricates stories saying I throw staplers at him.)

If I could give any advice, it would be to the Board members and it would be for you and your office management (if they don’t already) to attend some of these training classes in order to truly understand the responsibility of an operator. I am not taking away from the office’s responsibility, because it is as important as the operators, but it gives an insight to both management sides and creates better team work.

Thank you once again LRWA for going beyond the normal, we could not do this without your support.

Respectfully yours,
Paula Rose
Office Administrator
Waterworks District No 2, Parish of Beauregard (Singer, LA)

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